How to Get Here?

These are many options available to get to the resort

Airport transfers from Julius Nyerere International Airport, Kilimanjaro Internacional Airport and others can be arranged.

From Zanzibar we can arrange direct connections with north and central harbors to/from our resort.

From Dar es Salaam go to Ubungo bus terminal and take the Mkwaja bus coming to Pangani Town.

From Tanga go to Kange bus terminal and take the Tawfiq bus coming to Sakura.

Access to the resort is done from the main rural road between Pangani Town and Saadani National Park.
Turn east (towards the ocean) at the Sange Village sign and follow the signs to the resort.

The precise coordinates for the lodge are :
5┬║ 42′ 2.14″ South
38┬║ 53′ 42.47″ East

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