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Different Options for you to Choose

The resort has seven bungalow-style rooms for you to choose and experience the delightful decor, complemented with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. All of them are very close to the beach, with capacity up to 4 people, mosquito nets, private bathroom and porch.

Ocean Front King Size Bed Bungalow

Just a few meters from the shore are these two bungalows equipped with a king-size bed, making them the ideal selection for couples.

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the sea at night to rest in harmony, enjoy how the first rays of light illuminate your porch when you wake up or relax looking at the horizon as dhows sail by just offshore.

Second Line Queen Size Bed Bungalow

On a second line, and still very close to the beach, are bungalows equipped with a queen-size bed where everything is comfortable for a family vacation.

Their proximity to the pool also makes them ideal for sunbathing and those who prefer fresh water and a controlled environment.

Third Line Twin Size Bed Bungalow

With the same characteristics as the previous cases, our two bungalows equipped with twin beds are ideal for those tourists who travel alone or who prefer to sleep in separate beds.

Located about 40-50m from the beach, enjoy ocean views from the porch and the sound of palm trees moving in the wind.

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